Wildcraft Wednesday – Infusions & Tinctures

Have I mentioned how sore and worn out we all are? Homestead restoration is hard work and comes with a price, a non-monetary price, we are finding we didn’t budget for.

A couple of weeks ago, while researching for a post on St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) (SJW), I found SJW isn’t only used Continue reading “Wildcraft Wednesday – Infusions & Tinctures”

Misty Meadows Update – Chickens

One of the last things we did, before making our move to the homestead was to give away our chicken coop. It was far too cumbersome, and dangerous, to transport over curvy mountain passes.

I’m still amazed it only took 3 adults to get it loaded!!

For now, the chickens have a pretty shabby looking coop.  It’s only a temporary measure until we have time to build them something a little more befitting.

They seem thrilled having twice Continue reading “Misty Meadows Update – Chickens”

Misty Meadows Update

Tv! Telephone! Internet! Oh, my!

Because of our remote location, our only options for TV are two satellite companies, both being a bit dubious when it comes to pricing and expectations, so we decided to forgo ordering TV service and focus on our many homesteady pursuits, at least until fall, when the weather will begin pushing us indoors.  

At first, it was rather enjoyable, not having the mindless drone our TV so often provided. Though, after a few weeks the novelty wore off, and I began to wonder what was happening on the new season of Mr. Robot and what those zany Alakan Bush People were up to.  

And, too, there began an uncomfortable feeling of isolation. It’s rather disconcerting not knowing, in real time, what’s happening in the world around you.

Turning to books, both hard copy and electronic (yay, Kindle!) for entertainment helped, and I have enjoyed getting reacquainted with a former love; still there has been a sense of isolation and a discomfort in not knowing what was happening in the outside the peacefulness of our homestead.

And have I also mentioned, due to our remoteness, our cell coverage is non-existent – unless we want to drive 5 miles one way or 10 the other. That, and the realization we will each be home alone at some point, for safety reasons we decided to have a home phone put it. 

There is only one company who services our small, remote area; they provide phone and Internet service, as well as partner with one of the satellite companies to provide service bundles.  

So, rather than allow weather to dictate, you might say, “safety” had the final word, as did her friend, “good deal” – the satellite installer is here, and Monday, we’ll have phone & internet. 

Our cell service may still leave much to be desired, but the world is, once again, only a click away.

Foraging Friday – Red Raspberries

Just after my 12th birthday, much to my dismay, we moved from California to a very, very small town in Oregon.  Where I had been used to living on a street with children living next door, across and down the block, now my nearest Continue reading “Foraging Friday – Red Raspberries”

Medicinal Monday – St. John’s Wort

I have a strong desire to know more about natural paths to healing; whether it be massage, pressure points that manipulate meridians, herbal medicines, I believe the further away we get from ‘big pharma’, the better off we will be…for the most part (when in doubt, always contact a physician).

There will always be a need for Continue reading “Medicinal Monday – St. John’s Wort”

Welcome to Misty Meadows

After years of Facebook posts, sharing my newest adventure in prepping, canning, gardening, wildcrafting, etc., friends and family suggested I start a blog to reach a broader audience.

We’ve recently purchased a Continue reading “Welcome to Misty Meadows”