Misty Meadows Update – Chickens

One of the last things we did, before making our move to the homestead was to give away our chicken coop. It was far too cumbersome, and dangerous, to transport over curvy mountain passes.

I’m still amazed it only took 3 adults to get it loaded!!

For now, the chickens have a pretty shabby looking coop.  It’s only a temporary measure until we have time to build them something a little more befitting.

They seem thrilled having twice as much room to roam as they had before (there is an additional run behind the coop), especially the ladies favored by Roo.  He’s not overly aggressive, but he is twice as big as the ladies, and their bare backs are evident of his fervor.

We are leaning toward a design by the University is Tennessee. It’s a fairly simple design that allows for indoor storage and tending flock and  eggs collection while out of the elements.

There are just a few tweaks I’d like to see:

  • A hinged roost so it could be lifted up, making cleaning under it easier and a poop chute opening in the wall would allow for ease of cleaning out the coop – open the chute door and shovel/sweep out the debris into cart or wheelbarrow and transport it to the compost pile. Easy!
  • Move the nesting boxes to the opposite wall to allow for egg collection from the walkway/storage area
  • The addition storage cabinets to hold meds and other small incidentals and a sink to make cleanup and water the chickens easier.

What are your chicken coop suggestions?  Please leave a comment below.



Content and Photos by Misty Meadows Homestead and S.Lago © All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Misty Meadows Update – Chickens

  1. That is the same frame that we used. Actually, it is also attached with a fence to the doggie potty room. I have yet to put up an outer little coop door, with a run. So they come out thru the doggie area. They all get along so it works. They have an inside door to coop.We put hardcloth at top of e/w. Windows on south and west. With curtains even…. It works. Youve got SEVERAL more chicks than i,,,lol so 2 nest boxes are basically stack method. Then next to that is a cat box, as roo like to be comfy too once in a while. 2 roosts. Made a feeder out of guttering. That really works!! Enuf room for their med box and i havethin plastic poo board that lies on floor which can be taken out and washed when it needs it. 5 gal bkt for waste to go to compost pile. Solar light which i think we will eventually run elec to it, so can have heated waterer. That is really my only issue is water freezing in winter. So there you have it. My play by play for coop.


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