Survival Sunday – Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

When it comes to survival, you have to plan for it and understand who (and what) you are planning for.

Be it any disaster: storm, earthquake, civil unrest…SHFT, our family has preparations for X number of adults and X number of children… and you’re not one of them. While it may seem rude, even heartless, you need to take that last statement to heart and plan accordingly.

How many times have I shared the some of the steps I’ve taken to prepare my family for a disaster, encouraging friends and extended family to prepare for themselves, only to hear, “you’re doing such a great job; if anything happens, we’ll just come to your house.”

Uhm…no! Though I love you enough to share my knowledge and encouragement, I love my family unit more and will take whatever steps necessary to protect them and the provisions I’ve prepared for our survival.

Now that you know, should a disaster or shall we say, when SHTF, you won’t be invited to dinner, what should you do?

Start preparing… NOW!

How to start

1. Decide who you’re prepping for…and who you are not prepping for. If you have a family of five (don’t forget your pets & livestock!) and have enough for your family to get through a disaster, what are you going to do if aunt Rita, cousin Joe or Tammy from down the street with her family of six show up, because everyone knows you’re prepared? Have you prepared for a “few extras” just in case? Are you ready (and able) to turn them away, even if force is required? Remember, when SHTF people will become desperate, and desperate people can do crazy things, you need to have a plan beforehand.

2. Research. There are many books and websites available that can help you begin your prepping journey.

3. Start small (but, start). There is a bit of financial burden when you first start, but even those on a tight budget can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Look for discounts, sales, start using coupons, check out freecycle sites, thrift stores, and yard sales. Look in your garage and closets – you may already have items you can repurpose.

4. Focus on four basic necessities: Food. Water. Shelter. Security.

5. Start becoming more self-sufficient. Learn to garden and preserve what you grow.  Learn to forage and use edible and medicinal plants that grow in the wild. Learn to fish and hunt and process your own meat.

6. Learn CPR and First Aid. Better yet, take a survival based course that also teaches how to set bones and stitch wounds.

7. Create a Bug Out Bag (BOB) for each person in your family. If all else fails and you find yourself in a situation where you need to flee, BOB will be your best friend.

8. Physical fitness. I saw a funny meme recently, “Zombies will eat the slow ones”. There is some truth to that. Start working on fitness goals, taking into account your abilities and disabilities.

9. Share what you learn with those you love, and encourage them to start prepping too.

10. Shhh… This relates to #1 & #9 and is very important. No one really needs to know “what” or “how much” you have. You can prep and share what you’ve learned without alerting others you’re capable of weathering a disaster for 72 hours, 2 weeks, 3 months or longer. It’s easier to protect what others don’t know you have.

These are some of the steps we’ve started to take to prepare our family for SHTF.

What are some steps you’ve taken? Please share below.



Content and Photos by Misty Meadows Homestead and S.Lago © All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “Survival Sunday – Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

    1. Concerning bug out bags, has different variations at reasonable prices. You can also add to them for individual needs and wants. Just remember, one 72 hr bag per person at the minimum. It will take emergency responders at least 72 hours to reach you in a disaster if not longer. also has water is small boxes, which is awesome for room vs. Cumbersom bottles. Just FYI


      1. Thanks for the links. We try not to give any plugs unless we are somehow affiliated with a company or have actually used their product and can, with some certainty, recommend them. But, we love when our readers chime in and provide information. Regarding water, my American Red Cross 72 hour emergency kit actually has water pouches, similar to Capris Sun juice pouches. It’s great there are so many options out there!


  1. I’d tell you some of the steps I’ve taken, but then I’d be violating #10 … LOL!!!

    Just kidding! We’ve lived this lifestyle in one form or another all of our lives.

    I have a Get Home Bag, (not as extensive as yours). It changes with the seasons and where I’m going.


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