Misty Meadows Update – Water

“When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water.” – Benjamin Franklin

We bought our homestead knowing there was an issue with the water supply, yet fully confident, from past experiences, it would be an easy fix; and initially, it was.

After replacing the pump and various other pumphouse parts, water was restored. Sure, it smelled metallic’y, leaving laundry a bit dingy, and would occasionally Continue reading “Misty Meadows Update – Water”

September Preparedness Month – Meet BOB

Ah, September!  Not only does it usher in the return to School, Autumn colors, and everything Pumpkin Spice, it’s also Preparedness Month.  With that in mind, we at Misty Meadows Homestead will be sharing some our favorite preparedness tips.

Lets begin with a long promised introduction to our special friend Continue reading “September Preparedness Month – Meet BOB”

Gifts from afar

I have always enjoyed receiving mail (personal, not junk mail or bills –  just to be clear! Ha!)  I think it began when I was a small girl; a cousin and I would exchange letters and care packages, and  I have fond memories of my mom reading me these letters and then dictating a response to her.

As I got a little older, there was a program on PBS called, “Big Blue Continue reading “Gifts from afar”