Musings & More – Mt. Rainier Snow Day!

The days leading up to and proceeding Thanksgiving, we were under weather advisories, warning of a winter storm approaching that would potentially dump nearly a foot of fresh snow – unfortunately, Continue reading “Musings & More – Mt. Rainier Snow Day!”

Misty Meadows Greetings – Thanksgiving

We, here at Misty Meadows Homestead, have much to be thankful for: a new home, Misty Nana being cancer-free, new friends, room enough for Super DOG to roam and new forests for us to explore.

We wish you and your family a safe and joyous Thanksgiving!

Gobble till you wobble, y’all!

Tell us what you’re thankful for -leave a comment below.

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Grammarly Challenged – Here’s How YOU Can Help!

Hi there!

Mrs. Misty here and I am the author and editor of most of the content of this blog (Mr. Misty just serves mainly as blog fodder, but shhh… don’t tell him, he thinks Continue reading “Grammarly Challenged – Here’s How YOU Can Help!”

Seed Swap List (updated 11/20)

As winter closes in on us, we are already dreaming about spring and designing our new garden with permaculture in mind.  Not only will we be incorporating an edible Continue reading “Seed Swap List (updated 11/20)”

Purchasing in Bulk with Zaycon Fresh

If you don’t Zaycon, you’re losing out on great savings…and a prepping opportunity!

We started buying chicken from Zaycon Fresh about 2 years ago.  This is our 4th time ordering from them, which should tell you something! Continue reading “Purchasing in Bulk with Zaycon Fresh”

Misty Meadows Update – The Unintentional Skylight

One of the many things needing to be done before winter arrives is replacing our home’s roof and siding.  As I may have mentioned before, Continue reading “Misty Meadows Update – The Unintentional Skylight”