Wind and rain… and Stinky Feet

It’s 4am and something woke me up. Something more than just our kitty meowing for breakfast or our dog trying to take up more than his fair share at the foot of the bed.

It might have just been the wind – its howling and I can hear loud wind driven splatters of rain against the windowpane next to me.  I seem to remember a sound like a crash or a pop but I can’t be sure. 

What I am now sure of is we no longer have power. And, guess what, I have a doctor’s appointment in a few hours – I knew I should have showered before bed! Luckily, my feet don’t really stink and a spit bath will do.

I don’t know when the wind started, but living in a very small rural community, it doesn’t take much to cause a power outage. Mr. Misty is getting our generator going and I jumped on the laptop to make use of what power the battery is holding…this is probably a good time to talk about power outage preps.

Regardless of your community’s size, at some point, you’ll experience a power outage.  Are you prepared?

Here are some things to think about BEFORE the power goes out.

  • Flashlights – No one wants to stumble through the dark and potentially be injured – toes are easily stubbed, shins seem to be maganets to pointed furniture corners, and ankles seem more apt to roll in darkness.  We have flashlights beside every bed and candles and matches within easy reach.  A word of caution about candles.  Candles are powered by flame.  Flames are fire and can potentially set other things on fire.  Candles need a lot of supervision and are not the safest option.
  • Telephone – It seems most people have cell phones, but if you have a land-line, make sure you have a standard corded phone (the, now, “old fashion” ones not reliant an electricity) available. If you have a cell phone, have a car charger or an already charged battery operated charging block available.
  • Food – It’s a good idea, prior to the storm, to set your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting possible.  The colder your food, the longer it will take to thaw and spoil. Be sure to eat the most perishable foods first.  Always keep canned and non-perishable foods on hand that doesn’t require refrigeration or heat to cook.
  • Water – if you live in a larger community that has City water, this probably won’t be an issue, but if you live in a rural community and have your own well, remember, well pumps runs on electricity.  Be sure to have a backup plan.  We have bottled water and plan on installing an old fashion hand pump.
  • Generator – if you have one, have fuel for it. And, DON’T use it inside!
  • Vehicles – If you know a storm is coming in, top off your fuel tank before hand.
  • Radio – you won’t be able to access your favorite news channel … your power is out!  Battery-powered or hand crank radio will help you keep up with any important alerts or power outage updates.
  • Medical devices – if you have a CPAP or other medical device that runs on electricity, consider investing in a battery backup for these items.
  • Unplug – unplug unnecessary devices.  When the power comes back on there could be a power surge that damages delicate electronics.  Leave a light on so that you know when the power comes back on.

That’s it for now – 0ur power just came back on and I need to jump in the shower, I have a doctors appointment to get to.

Here are some links to some of our previous posts on Emergency preparedness:

How do you get ready for a storm – leave a comment below!



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7 thoughts on “Wind and rain… and Stinky Feet

  1. We learned a painful, and expensive lesson about storing gas (gasoline) for our generator … swap out your gas every couple of months. Empty the can into your vehicle and fill it up with fresh stuff. Carburetors do not like old gas!

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