Purchasing in Bulk with Zaycon Fresh

If you don’t Zaycon, you’re losing out on great savings…and a prepping opportunity!

We started buying chicken from Zaycon Fresh about 2 years ago.  This is our 4th time ordering from them, which should tell you something!

Best known for their chicken, Zaycon Fresh also sell turkey, seafood, beef and pork products.

This time, we took advantage of a special they were having and purchased some additional items:

  • a 40-pound case of Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, for $1.69 a pound.
  • a 24-pound case of Boneless Turkey Breast Roast, for $4.79 a pound.
  • a 10-pound case of all-beef hot dogs, for $2.99 a pound.
  • a 10-pound case of polish kielbasa sausage, for $2.99 a pound.

(The “special” was an additional 12% off our order.)

The Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts is fresh, high-quality meat and comes in a 40-pound box, holding 4 bags, each containing approximately 10 pounds of chicken breasts.  The quality is great, though the breasts do need to be split and have some minimal trimming done to them.

We package our chicken breasts individually for freezing, but if you are a skilled canner and have the time, you can pressure can it.  If nothing else, you can throw frozen breasts at the Zombies as you’re running away.  Options.  It’s always good to have them!  Ha!

The Boneless Turkey Breast Roasts are the perfect size for a family dinner and are in easy roast-in-the-bag packaging.  Each 24lb case contains 6 vacuum-sealed, frozen turkey breast roasts.

The All-Beef Hot Dogs and Polish Kielbasa Sausages are delivered in a 10lb case with approximately 50 individually frozen hot dogs in each case, ready to heat and serve.  Like the chicken, we packaged them for freezing.  Since most Hotdog Bun packages have 8 buns, we packaged the dogs and sausages accordingly.

Please use this link when you order: zayconfresh.com/refer/zf235535 and tell them I sent you!!

Have you bought Zaycon products before?  What are your favorites?  How do you prepare them for future use?  Please leave a comment below. 

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(This is not a paid advertisement, nor am I affiliated with the company.  I’m just a very happy customer. If you order using the link I’ve provided, I earn referral credits, which I appreciate.  Thanks!)



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4 thoughts on “Purchasing in Bulk with Zaycon Fresh

  1. We’ve never ordered from Zaycon since we raise our own meats however I’ve heard nothing but excellent reviews about them.

    Canning chicken is soooo easy! All that is needed is a pressure Canner (not a cooker and not one of those “all-in-one canners”).

    The National Center for Home Food Preparation has all the information you need about canning chicken. http://nchfp.uga.edu/how/can_05/chicken_rabbit.html
    Knowing your elevation is critical when you are pressure canning. Find out your elevation here: http://veloroutes.org/elevation/

    I prefer bone-in raw packing my chicken for canning.

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