Grammarly Challenged – Here’s How YOU Can Help!

Hi there!

Mrs. Misty here and I am the author and editor of most of the content of this blog (Mr. Misty just serves mainly as blog fodder, but shhh… don’t tell him, he thinks he’s making real contributions, well, ok, he is, but…)

If you’ve read our “About” page, you’ve seen our my grammar disclaimer and the request that y’all please forgive the run-on sentences that run on and on and on and the misuse of punctuation, because I tend to write like I speak, which is often too much and too fast for my fingers to translate.  And, Third grade was a very bad year for me…

Well, you can help!

You can make lasting changes in this blog’hers life by providing desperately needed grammar assistance – for less than one click – ok, you probably have to do a little bit more than that, but it’s really a win-win situation.

I recently found a free program called, “Grammarly”, which has helped me tremendously by catching my spelling errors. I usually use my smartphone to start our blogs and edit pictures (y’all, my SMARTphone! Seriously, can you believe technology nowadays?!) but I make sooo many mistakes and I don’t usually catch them until later. By the way, I know some of you are “grammar nazis” and THANK YOU for not making me feel bad.


Grammarly’s browser extension helps me write mistake-free in Facebook, WordPress, and anywhere else I write on the Web. I simply hover over any word with an underscore to correct a mistake.  See the image below?  Those are the errors, in red, it helped me catch and correct.  Cool, right?!


Now, you may also notice, at the bottom, there is a yellow dot with the number 11 in it… those are the ‘advanced’ errors Grammarly could help me with IF I had their Premium service.

ELEVEN, y’all!!

I seriously need your help!!

If you sign up and install the Grammarly browser extension (its FREE), they’ll not only give me one week of their Premium service, but you’ll get one too!! See, win-win!

Here is the link:

If this doesn’t work, I’m going to start up a collection so I can just purchase the Premium…but using the link above is cheaper for both of us.

So, will you help a blog’her out?

Many thanks!!
Mrs. Misty, Grammarly challenged.


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2 thoughts on “Grammarly Challenged – Here’s How YOU Can Help!

  1. 1: I’m one of those ‘grammar Nazis’ you mentioned 😄
    2: I hate it when those ‘apps’ or programs try and hold you hostage with the promise that your writing would be so much better if only you paid them for their help.
    3: Part of the ‘charm’ of many of the blogs I read – the writer shines through the words they type – errors and all.
    I would suggest you stick with the ‘free’ version and let the ‘eleven other grammar issues’ they want you to pay to have corrected, fall through the cracks. 😊


    1. Lol! Well, I don’t find my errors “charming”, nope, not in the least bit. Lol! I’m hoping people will sign up so that I can get the ‘free’ advanced service, but if not, I’m really not going to pay for it… I was just being… hmmm… silly. Lol! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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