Musings & More – The Sorrow of Snow

Those who know me, know I like snow… no, I LOVE snow. It’s a love affair that started when I was very young.

As much as I love snow, it doesn’t necessarily bring on joyous thoughts for everyone. When I was young, we were living in a large city which had just received their first influx of Cambodian refugees.  That year was also my “first” snow. The joy I felt, was tempered by the new understanding the world was bigger than I had previous realized and that it wasn’t always as safe as I had been lead to believe – while falling snow elated me, it terrified the Cambodian children, reminding them of the falling ash they encountered as their country was ravaged by civil war.

To this day, that memory breaks my heart and I say a prayer for those children, now adults, praying they have overcome their fears and that snow brings peace rather than terror.

Last summer when we moved to our Homestead, I had hoped, due to our close proximity to a large snow capped mountain, we too would get snow. However, I was told by the locals, this area rarely gets any. Such a disappointment, especially after the 2 feet of snow we enjoyed last winter while living in central Washington.

Ever the diehard chionophile, last week when the forecasts showed a possibility of a “light” snow, I was on high alert – which pretty much means I checked my weather app approximately every 10.8 seconds to see if there had been any changes to the forecast.  Ok, so that was a bit of an exaggeration, it was more like every 1o minutes.

Much to Misty Nana’s annoyance, Mr. Misty’s amusement and my utter joy, we didn’t just receive a “light” snow, we received almost foot of it!!

Unfortunately, I was too sick to enjoy it. As I write this, this is the first day I’ve been able to sit up and look out the window to enjoy the brilliant white snow.

That’s ok…it’s supposed to snow again by the end of the week!!  (Shhhh…just don’t tell Misty Nana!)

Are you a Chionophile?  What is your favorite thing to do on a snowy day?

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