Re-wilding means to return to a more wild or natural state; it is the process of undoing domestication and is considered a more holistic approach to living that encompasses mind, body, and spirit.

Re-Wilding wasn’t a term I was familiar with until a friend recently sent me an article about this “new” old way of being.

I find the term fascinating and even a bit defiant. From our first breath, until our last, social conditioning wields it’s power over us, forcing us to conform, instilling in us a sense of civility. We quickly lose our curiosity and are taught to be fearful of anything outside of the societal box created for us. So, the idea of getting back to a more authentic way of living intrigues me.

This summer, we took the plunge and purchased a home on 11 acres, though not quite off the grid (we have power, septic, well water), it’s really more of a “Homestead” than just a home. There’s a barn, pastures, even a spring fed pond! Our nearest neighbors are elk who bed down in our over grown pastures, and the nearest big town, with more than 1500 people, is an hour away. We are tucked beneath a stunning view of a majestic, sleeping volcano and between dense forests that hold many medicinal herbs and plentiful food sources.

Everything my heart…our hearts have longed for.

I think I have a natural inclination toward this sort of subsistent lifestyle. The past few years have found me busily learning about gardening, canning, hunting, soap making, as well as other skills of self-sufficiency.

I can’t wait to share what I learn and I hope you’ll share too!  In fact, let’s make 2017 the year we begin re-wilding our lives and find a more authentic path for our lives.  Who is with me?!

Join us in our Adventures in Re-Wilding at Misty Meadows.

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16 thoughts on “Re-Wilding

  1. 11 Acres will be a super fun challenge I have 1 and need to rewild just to cope with it, will you be raising livestock? Look foward to your blogs.

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  2. I like that, re-wilding, rather than un-domesticating, our Selves. 🙂

    … thanks for liking the ‘funny wildlife’ post on my blog … I thought I’d take a trip back through your posts, so you’ll probably be getting a few more ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ in the next little while. 😀

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  3. It sounds wonderful! Heavenly even. I like the “bit defiant” part. Kinda like me having more trees surrounding my little urban cottage than anyone in the neighborhood and compulsive recycling. I feel excited for you! Wish you and your elk neighbors the best!

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  4. We are experiencing the same here. We have land that used to be farmed and was put on a CRP (conservation reserve program), and I love the possibilities it holds. We want to keep it natural and a little wild, but there things that will change. And we’ve change the way that we do things and have had to learn to let go of a lot of the social norms. They aren’t important to us anymore, but it can still be hard to just learn to let go and become a little more “wild.” Your place sounds absolutely beautiful!

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