Fitness Friday – Lies We Tell Ourselves

Editors Note:  I wrote this post several months ago, but thought it was worth recycling.  Come January 1st, we all make resolutions and are gung-ho.  If you’re like me, come January 21st, you’re losing your enthusiasm.  Maybe this post will re-ignite the fire in you… and me.  I’ve lost 15# since I originally posted this–not as much as I would have like to have lost, but it’s a loss and I’m grateful for that.

This may be one of the hardest posts I’ve written, so much so, I’ve held on to it for a few weeks.  Rather than just giving you useful information, I’m going to be sharing my own struggles in hope it might encourage you.

Whether your focus is on Preparedness, Self-Reliance or Self-Sufficiency, fitness is and should be a big part of your efforts.  However, for many of us, fitness is an area we fall victim to cognitive dissonance.

cog·ni·tive dis·so·nance


  1. the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

There are several ways this happens.  Ignoring.  Alteration.  Creation.

You can, like me, ignore the issue,  you can alter your beliefs about the problem, (wait, I do that too) and/or you can create a new cognition (ugh, and this one too).  You can employ one or all of these techniques – each works to remove the internal conflict.

Let me give you a few example of this in my own life:

Living a self-sufficient lifestyle doesn’t leave much room for being out of shape, so the 40 pounds I’ve gained back this year is really making my life harder than it needs to be.

My clothes don’t fit like the used to and some, not at all.  I should have thrown out the ‘fat’ clothes when I had the chance because now it’s just easier for me to feel justified throwing on the next size up (example of altering my belief – well, I have them, might as well wear them.)

Hunting isn’t even remotely appealing this year; I find myself trying to convince myself and my family, we don’t really have room in the freezer for a deer this year (example of creating truth.)

The lies we tell others are nothing compared to the lies we tell ourselves

Finally, I find myself ignoring that any of it really matters in the bigger picture, and I can always start tomorrow, even though I know I won’t.

However, you can only ignore the issue for so long.  Eventually, something will happen that grabs your attention and wakes you up. It could be a failure in health or as simple as your jeans not fitting.  For me, both of these have been wake up calls.

Except for a few times in my young adult life, I have never been ‘thin’ and when I was, I had to work Really HARD for it – exercise like a maniac and eat less than 600 calories a day, otherwise, my body fought me all the way.  Pair this with the fact that I have a strong tendency to turn to junk food when stressed, well, you get the picture.

How many of you find yourself in a similar situation?  You have dreams of preparedness and self-sufficiency, yet your physical health and wellbeing has gotten in the way?

Do you feel confident you can take care of yourself and your loved ones, not only during your day to day homestead activities but, during a disaster?  Some disasters will require evacuation on foot.  Have you considered how easy (or difficult) packing out your BOB will be?  Add stress or illness and life just got a whole lot harder.

Answering that question for myself, I have to say, “No”.   And, that’s ok… for now.

The first part of solving any problem is seeing there is a problem.  It’s not going to be comfortable, but Preparedness, Self-Reliance or Self-Sufficiency requires not just knowledge and time, it requires a certain amount of energy and endurance – fitness. You and your family’s wellbeing depend on it.  The fastest way to mitigate dissonance is to STOP! We have to stop rationalizing and justifying thoughts, decisions, and behaviors that work against our goals.

By being purposeful in tracking my movement and my caloric intake, I hope to make a positive change.  I’m using an app called MyFitnessPal to help me with this goal.  If you’re a member of MyFitnessPal, you can find me here: MistyMeadowsHomestead. I’ll be using this app and it’s blogging feature, to hold myself accountable.  Come find me – we can help each other, there really is strength in numbers.

Cognitive dissonance doesn’t just affect fitness.  If you look, you may find other areas of your life being affected by it.

When it comes to fitness, what are some of the lies you tell yourself?  Be brave – leave a comment below. 


Content and Photos by Misty Meadows Homestead and S.Lago © All Rights Reserved

46 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Lies We Tell Ourselves

  1. It was the loss of mobility that motivated me too, and myfitnesspal is the perfect fit for my love of list and a plan personality. It takes about 30 minutes in the morning to plan my day and then I don’t have to think about food again for the rest of the day. Such freedom, and I have lost 30 pounds without ever being hungry, because now that I am eating smarter, I am also eating more, and still losing 6 lbs a month, and without having to join a gym or begin some kind of fanatical exercise regime. The only down side so far is that my clothes are beginning to be to big, and I despise clothes shopping 😞

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  2. Yes, I know this feeling. It’s been an especially stressful year and a half which has made it all the harder. I was pregnant and am now nursing so I am somewhat limited in what I can do. I had issues with nursing my last two as soon as I began to get in shape, so I hesitate to do much. I know I have a legitimate reason, but I could certainly try harder to eat well, and I could do more walking (ect.). I always feel like it all has to come off NOW and don’t give myself a chance to do it gradually.

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    1. Congratulations on the new addition to your family! You have to find what is best for you and your baby. I agree, walking is a great place to start. Just take it slow. I too get a bit consumed by the “NOW” monster. Good luck and thanks for stoping by!!

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  3. Oh my, have been meaning to read this. Heres a word for you. Procastinate. I do all of the above seems we have some of the same issues and are comparable in many ways as you know. I wonder my own self with a disability, just how far could i go, but will is a very powerful thing at the right time. Id like to think that when i needed to, i could do the things i so easily regress……kmuch food for thought here. Thank you.

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    1. Susy, I understand the disability aspect. We just keep pushing and doing as much as we can and stop doing those things that make or already challenged life more challenging. 😉 it’s not always easy, but if we can gather a like minded tribe around us, it becomes easier… I hope. ❤️

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  4. Hi, i have struggled with my weight for a while. I am “back on track” but it is a difficult journey. Back on track for me means relearning to eat properly and to deal with emotional eating cues. I want to be part of your “like minded tribe” and will look for you on MFP. I also follow the Mayo Clinic diet online. It is very helpful for me. I added yoga and daily meditation to my life which help me to calm down and focus. Getting stress out of my life has helped me the most. Look forward to reading more of your posts!

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  5. I think a lot of people can identify with this. I am a busy dad working too many hours and I have always pushed exercise to the back-burner. Not anymore. I am exploring methods that take the least amount of time but yield the largest results such as high intensity interval training. Good luck and thanks for letting me know I’m not alone

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll be sharing some of the methods that you find. Many of us are short on time and anything that would assist us in obtaining health and fitness and a quicker fashion, a more expedient fashion, is always appreciated. Hope to talk to you again. All the best.

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  6. Oh how we identify! We were just telling our daughter and son in law over dinner (what a time to talk about eating less) as one ages, you need less food and more exercise! Our bodies do change. So if you start out a bit overweight, it only gets harder and harder! I’ll be checking on your progress!

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  7. These are things we have all struggled with from time to time (except for maybe a few lucky ones), including my wife and I. We have never been what you would call fat, but we both needed to lose 30-40 lbs. However, over the last few months we have both lost a significant amount of weight by doing very little. Instead of trying radical changes as we had in the past, we made made very small lifestyle changes – less soda, no sweet tea, less meat more veggies, have a small salad or fruit with every meal and eat more frequent but smaller meals. Do I still have a Coke now and then, yup no big deal, I just have one instead of 3-4 a day. We’re not where we want to be yet, but it’s progress and stress free at that.

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  8. My biggest problem is similar to Prepper, drinking Coke.. That is my downfall and I drink 4-5 a day if not more. It’s a hard habit to break, especially as you get older.

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  9. Being Italian, every time I get stressed I compensate with chocolate, sweets and large portions of pasta, but actually, after an adolescence of mild overweight, I am a rather lean woman. Anyhow, I’ve decided that I am tired of my mediocrity and I want to try a program to get really fit. And by fit I mean build some muscles. So I will have to move toward proteins. And I will have to exit my house in the morning and get to the park to meditate and exercise. Still, I have not done it. By now I am busy setting dates. This Monday? Nex Monday? Tomorrow? The day after? You are so right about the lies we tell ourselves that it makes me blush in shame. Today, I must prepare everything to start this program so that tomorrow I won’t be able to postpone again. Thank you for this post.

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  10. yes, and put others needs ahead of mine…a type of procrastination! i love this honest look, normal is a temperature reading and even then it varies by degrees. so too does our energy, weight, and metabolism. go forward, we’re cheering for you as you cheer for us! 😉

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  11. I am chasing after a 9 month old and a 3 yo at 40. I try to make as much time for “me time” on the elliptical and, at least, stretching. It gets harder and harder to find the energy. I just want the time and the energy to have my “me time” back. That hour to work it all out of my system helps my sanity.


  12. Good post! We need to be honest with ourselves. I have rheumatoid and osteoarthritis…so getting up and exercising might be good for me, but one of the things I dread doing the most! Like you, I have never been thin, but dealing with arthritis has slowly caused even more weight gain over the last few years. I sometimes wonder, how did I get here? My doctor also recommended using Fitness Pal to track what I eat (you pay attention when you have to log it all in!) and I try to walk more regularly. thanks for the reminder to take care of myself!

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