Fuzzy what?

Excuse me while I interrupt our normally scheduled weekday silence.  It seems I left a rather important step out of our last post. Oops!  I had completed the task a few weeks prior and it completely slipped my mind by the time I started the post last week.  Continue reading “Fuzzy what?”

You’ve Been Missed

After a storm dumped about 3 feet of snow on us, not only did we lose power (yes, we have a generator), we also lost phone and internet service (no fix for that, we had to wait it out).  It was actually nice being disconnected for a few days… after the initial anxiety wore off.  Lol!

And, it was nice coming back and catching up with you all and reading your posts… though we were gone, nothing really changed, which was a relief.

Anyway, we are back up and working on blogs – so stay tuned!

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