Medicinal Monday – Self-heal

Prunella, heal thyself…

… or turn to nature for your healing, which I personally think is a far better option … for general ailments, anyway (if in doubt, always consult a physician.)

Another one of the many delightful finds in the wilds of our homestead: Self-heal (also known as Heal All) (Prunella vulgaris).

It tends to grow in disturbed, waste ground, woodland edges and grassland and grows throughout temperate climates of the world.

A relative of the mint family, it’s edible and has medicinal qualities – Self-heal is an amazing little plant.

The aerial parts (leaves, stems, and flowers) can be added to soups, used as a tea, or thrown into salads, where their purple blooms add a delightful pop of color.

Medicinally it is often used as a poultice to stop bleeding and promote healing, an immune booster, a wash for vaginal yeast infections and mouth thrush, a tea to lower blood pressure and promote lymphatic drainage. It’s been used to treat a myriad is other ailments: conjunctivitis, colds, coughs, upset tummies, herpes, just to name a few.

There is a belief it can prevent sun damage and promote healing, and even some promising evidence it can be used in treating diabetes and preventing cancer – quite a bit of bang in such a little plant!

According to a 2012, USDA Fact Sheet, Self-Heal has antibiotic properties, lowers blood pressure, and contains a compound believed to increase urination and fight tumors. They warn that the plant is known to concentrate lead compounds, so don’t pick them from the roadside.

Medicinal vinegars, tinctures, infusions, teas, poultice, as a meal adornment or dried for later use … have you used Self-heal? If you have, I hope you share a tip or recipe in the comments below.

(Disclaimer: I am not a Physician nor am I Certified Herbalist. The information provided on this site has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent conditions, illnesses or diseases, it is purely anecdotal and stem from my own personal fascination with the natural world around me. I use the following for my research: Peterson Field Guides – Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs, The Complete Medicinal Herbal by Penelope Ody, books and videos by Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed, as well as various internet posts. I encourage you to do your own research. Before trying any herbal remedy, consult a physician or certified medical professional to make sure it is safe for you to use.) 



Content and Photos by Misty Meadows Homestead and S.Lago © All Rights Reserved

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