World Bee Day

Last year, the United Nations declared May 20 as “World Bee Day”.

As beekeepers, we know the importance of bees.

While honey and beeswax are a nice byproduct of keeping bees and we may have gotten into beekeeping for those reasons, as time went on we begin to see the greater importance of these small creatures.

Beginning on Saturday, May 19th and going through the 21st we will be doing our part to “save the bees”

We will accomplish this by holding a special follow loop on Instagram and having you create educational posts using your own personal beekeeping related photos *** that have been watermarked with the picture below ***

The idea is to push as much bee related content over those days, as possible to increase public awareness about the importance of bees.

Are you game?

Let’s do it we can to educate and fill IG with our love of bees during those 3 days.


If you’d like to participate, Please send me a DM…direct message.


Let’s save some bees!!!

#savethebees #worldbeeday2018 #honeybee #pollinators #mtrainier #mistymeadowscares #honeycomb #unitednations

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