The fields and hills are a table constantly spread.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Isn’t that a lovely quote? Yet, I wonder how many of you truly understand it and how it relates to prepping.   Continue reading “Foraging”

Wild Wednesday

Here at Misty Meadows, Wednesday’s are all about being… Wild! Re-wilding. Wildcrafting. Exploring the wilds of our homestead.

Today we’re going to talk about Continue reading “Wild Wednesday”

Foraging Friday – Blue Elderberries

The other day Mr. Misty was out hunting and he brought back a present. No, it wasn’t a buck, but it was Continue reading “Foraging Friday – Blue Elderberries”

Survival Sunday – Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

When it comes to survival, you have to plan for it and understand who (and what) you are planning for.

Be it any disaster: storm, earthquake, civil unrest…SHFT, our family has preparations for X number of adults and X number of children… and you’re not Continue reading “Survival Sunday – Look Who’s Coming to Dinner”

Wildcraft Wednesday – Infusions & Tinctures

Have I mentioned how sore and worn out we all are? Homestead restoration is hard work and comes with a price, a non-monetary price, we are finding we didn’t budget for.

A couple of weeks ago, while researching for a post on St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) (SJW), I found SJW isn’t only used Continue reading “Wildcraft Wednesday – Infusions & Tinctures”

Misty Meadows Update – Chickens

One of the last things we did, before making our move to the homestead was to give away our chicken coop. It was far too cumbersome, and dangerous, to transport over curvy mountain passes.

I’m still amazed it only took 3 adults to get it loaded!!

For now, the chickens have a pretty shabby looking coop.  It’s only a temporary measure until we have time to build them something a little more befitting.

They seem thrilled having twice Continue reading “Misty Meadows Update – Chickens”