Musings & More – Bad Gas

It’s midnight and, once again, we are without power.

A neighbor mentioned this is a regular  occurrence in the winter.  In fact, they are soon moving away to be closer to civilization.

When they told us about the power outages, I thought to myself, they live a mile away, so, maybe, hopefully, it’s just “their” power that has a tendency to go out in the winter. 

 Well, it’s 1am and I am sitting in utter darkness while Mr. Misty attempts to start a fussy generator and tries not to get blown away by the wind that started a few hours ago and has yet to relent. 

He thinks it’s, “bad gas”.

I asked how would we get a hold of “bad gas?”  

He just shrugged his shoulders and asked for a small plastic container. 

 I gave him one and then thought to ask, “why?”

I’m kinda sorry I did.

He tells me he stuck the “long lighter” into the gas tank of the generator and it just sort of fizzed.

While I’m still trying to wrap my head around how dangerous that is, he proceeds to tell me that he’s going to fill the plastic container, that I just gave him, with gas from the tank, take it into the yard and see if he can light it… in the wind!

Stutteringly, I tell him to ‘be careful’.

Seriously, what else am I going to tell him?


Do you have a “risk taker” at home? share in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “Musings & More – Bad Gas

  1. I most certainly do have a risk taker. After 3 times of falling off a ladder (3 different ones mind you) , i find him half dangling off the top of the roof. He told me later he was terrified but he had to stain the Highest part of the house….mind you its a peak still unstained. :/

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  2. I almost cannot believe,,,that he stuck a ” long ” lighter into tank. Wish i could say, youre joking but its the ” species” i suppose. Never in my wildest dreams,,, thinkin bad or not. I just cant fathom that one my dear. Im sposin the ” selective” thinking process runs on a diff level in the males genre. Im just kinda dumbfounded i guess. Hope this all makes some kinds sense, as i just have this pic that keepsrollin thru my mind…….. Im shuttin up,,,,lol


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