Misty Meadows Update – Danger!

“Danger, Danger Will Robinson, Da-“  Yeah, I probably just dated myself, ha!

This spring we purchased a lovely, albeit much-neglected homestead. When we first saw it, we were in awe of the beauty surrounding us – not just the stunning view of Mt. Rainier, but the majestic spruce, fir, cedar, pines, and cottonwoods that filled the property.

The problem with majestic is it can also be dangerous, and in the worst case scenario, deadly.

Many of those majestic trees are wider than the house is wide and taller than the house is long, which could really cause an issue should one of them fall in that direction or that of any of the other structures on our property.

Our rooftop can be seen in the lower right.

Many of the tree’s root systems, with the passage of time, have become exposed, which increases the possibility they could fall in a storm.

Above ground root systems.

The back half of the barn was already lost, prior to our purchase. This was due, in large part, to a clear cut operation on the hundreds of acres behind us (owned by a California Timber Company), which removed any wind break our property may have had and leaving our trees overly exposed to harsh winds, making the inevitability of more fallen trees, greater.

Back of the barn destroyed by a fallen tree.

So, with very heavy hearts (made heavier by comments from friends and family who, though we explained our reasons, continued to question our motives and/or comment about the “poor” trees), we made the decision to log the property of those trees that presented the most danger.

One of the many HUGE trees that contain rot.

This wasn’t a decision we entered into lightly, and we have all shed many tears over our decision, however, it’s a decision I’m glad we made.

Our Loggers said they haven’t seen trees this big in a long time.

As each grand and noble tree was brought down, it became apparent a great majority (90-95%) of the trees were filled with rot – it was only a matter of time before one or more fell, potentially causing tragedy.

Extensive tree rot.

The landscape we fell in love with, has been forever altered – I’m not sure I can to get used to how barren it looks, though, as a thoughtful friend continues to remind me,  we now have a fresh slate to work with.

One of many, self-seeded Cedar trees.

I can’t wait until we can start replanting!!



Content and Photos by Misty Meadows Homestead and S.Lago © All Rights Reserved

10 thoughts on “Misty Meadows Update – Danger!

  1. Ive been here 3 yrs. planted nuts and a hazel this yr. my only regret is i planted apples and i didnt know enuf about cedar rust, that i think neighbors cedar has affected them. My elders i had a pretty good crop for 2 nd yr with only 3. They grew really fast, and ive taken cuttings and planted them by creek. Elders are so easy to root. Id help you out……just planted 2 more yest. Youd love the peaches. They were the best. So yea, im excited about for 3rd yr, how things are going. Ok im done now…..


  2. I went to the ‘Will Robinson’ meme as soon as I saw the title! … sad for the trees, yeah, but all things come from the Earth and there they eventually return … even us ‘oomins. 🙂 A season or two of drying and you’ll have firewood for a long time to come.

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