Homestead Update – What lies beneath.

The week before Christmas, I was sitting in my recliner, taking a break from my chores, and I looked out my window just in time to see the daintiest snowflakes begin dancing their way to a ground already lightly draped in white. I don’t know about you, but there is something so peaceful about the snow. It hides so much chaos beneath – much like our exterior siding.

We’ve tackled many projects in our efforts to restore the homestead we purchased 7 months ago. We’ve had the danger trees logged, replaced the roof, and the final job of the year, replacing the siding.

The home we are living in really isn’t that old; it was built in the early 90’s.  Whether the original workmanship, neglect or just the passage of time, much of the outside was in shabby shape.

Though the exterior looked rough, it was what lay beneath that was most troublesome. Holes became entry ways for various insects and small critters; and in many places, water had damaged the wood supports. While the Contractors pulled the siding off, Mr. Misty replaced rotted wood and soggy, debris filled insulation with new material.

Rather than returning to traditional wood siding, we decided to replace it with a product called, CraneBoard®, an insulated vinyl siding.

It’s more durable than traditional vinyl siding, it absorbs and reflects radiant heat, reduces outside noises, and requires little maintenance, meaning we shouldn’t need to paint … at least those are some of the promises.  Check back with me in 10-20 years and see how it’s doing for us.

The previous siding was placed directly on the frame. It was a fake T1-11 and it’s surprising it lasted as long as it did. Once it was removed, the contractors hung CDX plywood, wrapped that with a weather-resistant housewrap and then the insulated siding when up.

We chose a color we hope (along with the new hunter green roof) will blend in with the surroundings, especially once we get some trees replanted.  I really wasn’t sold on the color, based on the samples the sales person brought out, but I was overruled by both Mr. Misty and Misty Nana.  How rude!  Lucky for them, once the actual siding arrived, I was very happy with the choice.

While the siding was being replaced, we took the opportunity to replace the soffits, drains and removed some of the original design elements that weren’t structurally necessary – all which has made our home look almost brand new! I can’t begin to tell you how nice it is not hearing banjos. Ha!

I am grateful for the subcontractors who were hired by the large Home Improvement Supply Superstore we contracted to do the work required to get our home back into shape. They have been excellent, starting the job in the rain and ending it with snow covering the ground. In fact, they endured snow for most of the job.  Though Mr. Misty did his best to keep them warm with bonfires, working conditions were still miserable.

Unfortunately, we’ve been less than satisfied with the large Home Improvement Supply Superstore and their management. In fact, they are in breach of contract…and I now have an aversion to the color “orange”.  We chose to go with this large company because we live in such a remote area and very few contractors are willing to venture out to the boonies and those who have, have reputations for terrible workmanship, attendance, and ethics. We thought we had chosen wisely and overall we have, however, we won’t be using them for any future remodeling needs and we have ceased referring others to them.

Next on our list…a Chicken Coop!  They ladies and gent are pretty tired of the banjos too.  But this project may have to wait until next year. (wink)

Share some of your New Year remodeling plans, below in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Homestead Update – What lies beneath.

  1. “there is something so peaceful about the snow. It hides so much chaos beneath” – YES!!! I’m from Michigan but have been in Georgia since 1997. I miss the snow. 😥
    Ugh, sorry about Home Depot. :/ I’m looking forward to seeing the coop you make! Happy New Year

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